The Story

Through my years of walking with the Lord, He has always encouraged and reminded me to be open and honest irrespective of what other factors may surround me. The message behind Invisible Me was given to me in June 2011. He laid it on my heart to reach out to people that feel hopeless and worthless. He instructed me to openly share my story with them and tell them what He did for and through me. He began to show to me that there is a strong need for people to know the TRUE message of deliverance, restoration and hope in the Name of Jesus. I came to the understanding that the only way to do this was to COMPLETELY yield myself (free of pride, reputation, worry, insecurities, etc) with no restraints or apprehension. I finally understood the KEY- The more I, through the GRACE of God begin to shed myself away, the more TRANSPARENCY begins to give room for CHRIST to be seen in me. Like most people, I was willing to share the good but hesitated when it came to sharing the bad and the ugly. The Lord showed me that this limits the IMPACT that can be made in the lives of others because they do not know the WHOLE story so it almost impossible for them to relate to it. I began to look beyond myself and realized that people will only see the need for a SAVIOR  in situations that are in need of one.


The mask had to come off. The world needs to know that ANY good that is seen in me, is not by my power but by the SPIRIT of God that dwells me.  I need Him DAILY in every moment of my existence. Without Him, I can't do a thing. I am PERFECT through Him, not through my RIGHTEOUSNESS.


The ultimate vision is to create a community where we can all share and grow as we yield to the Lord and allow transparency to give room to His will and way. It is time for us to set our eyes on things above and not focus on the superficial things that often prevent us from FREELY being who God has called us to be - REAL people with REAL situations, challenges and shortcomings with the need of a Savior that is ready to LEAD us in the right direction.


It is my prayer that as I release what is being poured into this vessel, you will simply see JESUS and the testimony of what He can do for and through anyone. I pray that lives will be encouraged, inspired and empowered.  Though I may not have all the answers, I am glad I know THE ONE that does. That makes this journey called LIFE alright with me and so much BETTER. Above all, I pray that this ministry will begin a shift in the Body that enables for CHRIST TO BE SEEN in all aspects of our lives.

"This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone should accept it: "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners"--and I am the worst of them all."


- 1 Timothy 1:15