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Be Diligent in your Seeking

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart

-Jeremiah 29:13

A couple of days ago, I shared on both my FaceBook and Instagram page that I had an encounter with the Lord. As I have always stated since I officially launched InvisibleMe, I will endeavor to be as honest I can with you even on my not so good days. The past couple of weeks have been very overwhelming for me for so many reasons. Juggling school, family, ministry and developing my business was very time consuming and at times draining. It caused me to often put God on the back burner. Yes, I still read my daily verses in the Bible and prayed in the morning and before going to bed but the truth is, I KNEW within me that God was demanding MORE. I just kept making the excuse that I was too tired or that God saw my heart and knew that I love Him. Then October 4th, 2016 happened and the Spirit of the Lord shook me in a way that humbled me and brought me to my knees.

Prior to that morning, I had been tossing and turning in bed for weeks and sleep was not coming as it normally would. The truth is, the experience was not unusual. Since I started walking with the Lord, He'd often wake me up for one reason or another but it usually meant that I had to get up and commune with Him. The only difference is that lately, I just could not get myself out of bed to spend time with Him because I was just "tired". Now, if I am going to be real, it was much easier to oblige in the early years of walking with Him but that did not excuse my behavior because He should always be my PRIORITY.

On this fateful morning, I could not sleep but I kept trying to force myself to. Then I heard the still voice of my Father. "Why are you fighting me?" "Why am I no longer a priority?" "Why do you think that I can wait?" He began to remind of the good times when we used to dance together and how beautiful it was. How He used to give me answers to my questions, deeper understanding to His Word, peace to my busy mind, and rest in the storms that came my way. I began to see myself back in the place on INTIMACY with Him and I realized how much i truly missed it. I began to remember the days when fasting, praying and worshiping was so effortless and airy.

Me in 2012

I had to face the fact that as busy as my life may be, the things that had kept me busy are not more important than HIM. If I can make room for them, I can make room for HIM too. I realized that it is a PRIVILEGE to be called to go DEEPER. Am I still His child even when I don't? Does He still love me? Yes and yes, but there is a PRICE to pay for those that desire the anointing. As His child, I am not called to just be saved. I have been given an assignment and the only way I will stay equipped is to diligently and consistently abide in HIS presence. I must be sensitive to His still voice and be willing to put Him first and value the RELATIONSHIP we have. I have always desired to have the experience that apostles had in the book of Acts and even do greater wonders for HIM. However, I have to be honest with myself by facing the facts. These apostles paid a PRICE. It cost them alot- their reputation, time, livelihood, and eventually, their lives. BUT it was so worth it and above all, their relationship with the MASTER made it easier for them to let go of themselves.

Family, let us be diligent in seeking the Lord. You have been given victory but it is essential to know more about the God that you serve. God wants to pour so much more into us but there is a clause. The amount of oil that will fill you as a vessel depends on the amount of room the vessel has created to be filled. How much room have you made for God to fill? There is more in store but we seem to be complacent with drinking milk rather than eating meat. The enemy has folks that are diligent in their relating with him and that's why we constantly see the evidence of his deceitful works in our world. It saddens God that His children are not even half as diligent because He has greater power and authority that He wants to give to us. Yes, we may know of Him. Yes, we may have received Him into our lives. Yes, we may have received salvation through Him but do we have genuine communion and relationship with Him? I'm not talking about going to church every Sunday or going to every concert or conference that is out there. I'm talking about your closet life. The deepest place to encounter God is usually in the stillness of everything where no one has to urge you to worship Him or pray to Him. God wants the altar of our homes to on FIRE for Him.

Yes, there is so much going on in our world but nothing is BIGGER than HIM. It is not an accident that we are in the world during this time. God is still the same ALMIGHTY, POWERFUL, ALL-KNOWING, ALL-CONSUMING WONDER that He was yesterday and He can still use His children for His glory as long as they are willing to make Him a priority. Make room for Him. Let Him pour into you. Let Him fill you. It is never too late to be used by Him. All we have to do is get out of our comfort zones and be willing to be a living sacrifice.

I am ready to dig DEEPER. Who is going to join me?

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