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Use your 'Get out of Jail free' card.

"What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell."

~Matthew 10:27-28

Growing up, one of my favorite games was Monopoly. I guess the business savvy and risk taking part of me was always evident without me even being aware of it. LOL. However, I will be focusing on one specific aspect from the game and that is the GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD.  We all have it but we don't use it. Instead, we choose to imprison ourselves with fear of not pleasing others. 

For many years, I struggled with rejection and acceptance. If I'm being honest, every once in a while those feelings still come around (I am flesh and blood after all), but the difference between then and now is that fact that I now have an UNDERSTANDING that I am not rejected and I have been been accepted by the one person that actually matters. So when those thoughts come into my mind, I cast them down with the knowledge of God's Word. For many years, I found myself falling in and out of friendships/relationships that I went above and beyond for to please those people only to feel empty and unfulfilled when it was said and done. Deep within me, I always knew that if I was not at my 'best' or giving so much (or losing so much of myself actually), that their love and approval of me would not stand. Beyond that, I knew that I gave so much of what I should have been giving to God to them. I even struggled with this after getting saved especially within the church. I constantly worried about what people would think and whether they would misunderstand me or questioned my motives and intentions. It was so draining trying keep everyone happy and impressed. The energy that I devoted to pleasing people while staying imprisoned in that mindset, could have been channeled into growing in God .

Thankfully, I have a Father that was patient in revealing that I did not have to work for acceptance. Most importantly, I was already free and it was not His desire for me to be bound by anything or anyone. When Christ set us free, He declared that we were no longer in bondage to anything and that includes needing the approval of man.

Let love, rather than obligation, be what drives you to do the things you do for others. Let the real person you are in God, be what people see. Do not overcompensate or compromise to get the applause of people. If nothing I have written thus far has resonated with you, I want you to digest this:

The applause will eventually end.

No one claps forever. If you are only full when they applaud you,

you will starve when they don't. 

Stop worrying so much about being on everyone's good list. Everyday is not Christmas and everyone is not Santa Clause. The people that have been assigned to you will gravitate towards you irrespective of whether you please them or not. Why? Because they are ordained by God to do so. Stop seeking the applause or approval of man. If you get it, fine but it should never be what determines whether you feel like a success or not.  Someone once said: "the  greatest prison that people live in, is the fear of what other people think."

Come out of that prison. You have liberty in Christ. He has given you freedom. Do not be afraid to use your 'get out of Jail free' card. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. His Spirit dwells IN you. Let freedom reign in you. As I always say, it starts with your mind. Ask for God to renew it that you may begin to have understanding of who you truly are in Him. Once you become secure in that, it is easier to be free of the approval of others. 



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