• Toyosi Osinowo

Be Free of the Hurt

Hi there fam! I present to you my "why, Lord?" face. (teeehhheee). This was the look I had on my face earlier today.

I had no intention of blogging today but I just had to share what I experienced this afternoon. I actually wanted to post a video but the little one wasn't having it (well, she's the boss!).

I am in currently in a place of reflecting on relationships, hence why I blogged about pleasing people yesterday (check it out if you haven't.) Through what I experienced today, God helped me understand that though some may be free of being consumed by what others think of them, they also need to be free of the hurt caused by folks as well. Being free of the hurt is the next level of healing.

When you look around you, everyone (especially those that have hurt you) seem to be living the dream life. It may appear that way, but that is not necessarily true. Most folks only share the good stuff. Due to this misinformation, you find yourself feeling so overwhelmed and down on yourself. You search within yourself to see if you are being jealous or competitive and realize that it is deeper than that. You are HURT (Whoa!!!). Why? Maybe you have unresolved issues between you and that person or you may have thought that you had gotten over it but then it resurfaces when you get a trigger. That trigger could be something as simple as a picture, a video, a familiar street, or food. The trigger takes you back to that place of PAIN which is proof that you have not totally submitted it to God.

I had that moment today. I am stumbled upon a picture of a family member that had hurt me so bad and never apologized or acknowledged what they did. As a matter of fact, they don't see anything wrong in what they have constantly done and are going on with their life with no remorse or regret. For so long, I had told my self that I was over it because I had accepted the person for who they were and made my peace with the things they had done. The truth, however, smacks me in the face EVERY TIME I get a trigger that reminds me of that person. I may have accepted the reality of who that person is but I had not completely made peace with the hurt they caused me.

I tried calling my husband to talk about it but he was unavailable. If I am being honest, I knew within me that he would be because I knew who I needed to actually talk to (man, God is so patient with me). When I couldn't reach him, I decided to do what I should have done in the first place. I spoke to God about it and got a clear answer almost immediately.

"It is for my glory. I know they hurt you but just hang in there. For where I am taking you to, no man can take you there. The same people that looked down on you and counted you out will get to see my HAND work in your life."

That gave me so much reassurance. No matter how bad the day may be, if I truly talk to God about it, He will give me a word to get me through it.

I don't know who this blog post is for. You may be going through a lot of pain right now and have unanswered questions. You may feel like life is passing by while those that did you dirty are moving ahead while you remain stuck. That is not true. Their life may appear to be perfect but you don't know what it REALLY is like (quite frankly, it is not your business to know). You are so focused on how good their life appears to be, that you have missed sight of how blessed you are. God has shielded and kept you in spite of what they put you through. You need to know that He is not finished with you yet. Those that counted you out will eventually get to see the glory of God upon your life. The only thing you have to do is hold on.

Hold On.

Be Strong.



When I talk about those that hurt you, I am referring to situations that you are certain about. It is important that we are certain that our hands and heart are clean to be assured that God will do what he says. I hope this encouraged and blessed you. Hold on. God is working. He sees all things and He is still just. Rest in that.

God bless you,


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