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Love like HE loves

L O V E....

A word that comes and goes 

But do we really KNOW

What it means to REALLY love somebody?

~ Kirk Franklin

All my life, I have used this 4 letter word to describe how I feel about so many things. 

I love Ice-Cream

I love music

I love travelling

I love to eat (duh!!?? big time foodie over here)

I love to being creative

I love my family

I love my husband

I love my life

I can go on!!! I love! I love!! I love!!! But did I really LOVE all these things and people I listed above? Did I even understand the depth of the word? Just like the average person, I too have been guilty of misusing the word so many times. As Music Soulchild once said: 

L O V E....

So many people use

your Name in Vain.....

I am not even sure that Mr. Soulchild even realized that he was being an oracle when he spoke those words because love is not an idea. LOVE IS A PERSON. LOVE IS A BEING. LOVE IS REAL. It can be felt. It can be spoken to. It has a voice and a heart. Yet, for so long we have treated HIM like an idea or feeling. The NAME, Love has been used in vain because people do not understand Him. As I shared on my YouTube Channel, I am on a journey to finality (total completion in God) and I have been studying the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. If you are familiar with the characteristics of the the Spirit then you know that L-O-V-E is the first mentioned. 

Studying love in the Word of God is truly giving me a fresh perspective beyond the superficial ideals that I thought defined the word. I am going to be honest and just tell you that I did not know how to love for a very long time and I am barely scratching the surface when it comes to understanding how to truly love. For so many years, "LOVE" had hurt me so bad that I thought that I had to lose myself to get it. Sometimes, I even felt unworthy of it. As I have shared in my previous posts, I was sexually molested by a family member when I was 5, my dad left when I was 7, I had experienced a few broken relationships with the opposite sex, and some friendships had cut me deep as well. All the people I just referenced to at some point all told me that they loved me, yet they HURT me. So somewhere in my subconscious psyche, I believed that hurt was a part of love. This mindset made it even harder for me to receive God's PURE, UNDILUTED LOVE for me. So many times, I would question it. I would think God was upset with me and that He was going to hurt me because of my imperfections. Even when I got married, I struggled with it for about a year or two (ask my husband, I almost drove that man crazzzzaay!!!). Due to my inability to see LOVE for who HE really is, I struggled with trying to love others as well. I was loving from a place of self-dependency and of course, I'd always run out of steam and ultimately got frustrated. What a HOT mess I was. 

It wasn't until recently that I began to study what God's word says about love and meditate on it and it has truly transformed my mind.  It has truly helped me learn how to love beyond myself. I had to first accept WHAT and WHO true love was and eject what the world had told me about it. I had to embrace the ESSENCE of it and understand what motivates it. John 3:16 says it all,

For God so L O V E D

The world that He G A V E 

His only begotten S O N

That Whosoever believes in H I M

Should not perish but have everlasting L I F E!

God loved us, so He GAVE unconditionally to us in spite of us. What He gave is EVERLASTING which means He can never run out of LOVE for us for it is the ESSENCE of who He is. Love  is unconditional, long-suffering, never ending, and it is commitment. A couple of years ago at a wedding, the minister presiding the wedding made a statement that stuck with me: 

L O V E....

is a 

D E C I S I O N!

Now more than ever, I understand that. To love someone is to be unconditionally committed to willingly being selfless in your quest to sacrifice for that person. That is how Christ loves and we are supposed to emulate that to the world. It is a hard task. It is not filled with the butterflies that we see in fairy tales. Butterflies come and go but AGAPE (God's true love) is eternal. You don't fall in and out of it. You simply stay in it (or Him rather) and receive the grace to share Him with the world.

How to love like Christ 

  1. Know the essence of who He is

  2. See people through His eyes

  3. Love others through Him rather than through yourself.

I hope this post blesses someone. I hope it helps those that are searching for love understand that LOVE is ready to FIND them. I hope it helps those who are struggling with loving others in their strength to get the understanding that only TRUE love can show them how to love others. Most importantly, I pray that we can all fall deeper into His love that it oozes out of us to infect others. The world needs it now more than ever. 

Blessing and Love (lol),


Below is a link to my video on the subject of love. Enjoy:-)


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