• Toyosi Osinowo


"Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the Earth."

(Matt 5:5)

What would you do if you were in the situation where you felt cheated or insulted or just completely wronged?

Would you:

  • Fight for your rights

  • Call a friend for back up

  • Report the person

  • Gossip about the person

  • Dig up dirt on the person to implicate him/her

  • Simply say/do nothing

If you picked the any option other than doing or saying nothing, this message is for you. (well, it is for all of us). Why? Because those options shows that you have not mastered THE EQUATION. "What equation?" You may be asking. I am referring to the meek equation. Meekness is often described as POWER UNDER CONTROL. Thus, it can be written as an equation:

MEEKNESS = Control


WOW. I never thought about it this way before. The arithmetic to achieve meekness is the submission of our power under control. Whose control? The HOLY SPIRIT's. As one of the things God gave to man, FREE WILL sometimes prevents us from being able to submit and thereby HINDERING the SPIRIT from moving through us. Yes, we have POWER but we have a CHOICE to submit that POWER to the authority and CONTROL of THE SPIRIT of GOD. Jesus is said to have been as wise as a serpent but as MEEK as a dove. How can someone that has the wisdom of a snake (which means he can sting or bite) also be the one that is compared to a dove (which is harmless)? The reason for this is that He applied that wisdom by submitting it along with whatever power comes with it to the CONTROL of the Spirit. He made a CHOICE to YIELD. We, as His children have been called to emulate the same attribute that we may be set apart for His Glory. That is where the day to day challenge begins. We encounter everyday situations at home, work, school, and even in the CHURCH (yep, even more frequent than the others sometimes) that will place us in the same position Jesus was. To YIELD or not to YIELD? Not being in control is one of the hardest things but that is what is required of us as children of the Most High. Remember you are not of this world. It is normal to the world to want to "DO/SAY SOMETHING" but I challenge you to not conform to the world. A lot of times, people tend to conform to what they are familiar with or rather what the World has established to be "acceptable" or "normal". So tell me, who is in CONTROL now? Following trends and patterns does not in any way indicate that you are in CHARGE of you. If anything, it CLEARLY shows that your strings are being pulled while the puppeteer hides behind the scene making you believe that you are running "THIS". How can you believe that you are in control when you are pretty much BLENDING IN (conforming) to what EVERYONE does? Let's be real. Let's tell the truth. The truth is there is a struggle for control going on within YOU. Why? Because you were made to be a VESSEL. A vessel can not be filled with itself. In order for a vehicle to operate properly, it needs a driver/owner that will fill it up with gasoline and then drive it. The same applies to you. So the question is WHAT fills you? Who do you yield to? Who do you give the ROOM to control YOU? I want to let you know today that exhibiting MEEKNESS does not mean that you are not a strong woman or that you are a push over. Contrary to popular belief, being meek exhibits class, boldness, and control (see how it all comes back full circle?) By yielding to the control of the Spirit, you now have a upper hand in the situation. Imagine someone slapping you, calling you names, condemning you, among other things. In the midst of all that, you genuinely tell the person: "Thank you. I love you." :-). By doing that, you have broken the cycle of what is typical and you have raised the standard as a woman of integrity and strength. Not physical strength....EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL strength!!! Physical strength can only do so much but when your mind and emotion are intact, you remain in control. Psalm 147:6 says: "The Lord lifts up the MEEK". Allow Him to lift you up. Let His Spirit work for & through you.

I'll admit, this task of yielding to the control of the Spirit is not an easy feat but I can tell you that it is possible because I have lived it. Growing up in a family of 4 kids (I have an older brother and 2 sisters), I used to get into a lot of fights with my siblings and I was always the one that got in trouble with my mother. I recall my mom always telling me that I only got in trouble because I always fought back rather than wait on her to return from work. It took me years to understand what she was saying. I felt so mistreated and falsely accused. As I got older, it was the same with my 'friends'. They would do things to hurt me and I will react instantly. Unfortunately, all the spectators usually saw was my reaction and hence, I was the trouble maker and folks stayed away. I began to feel like something was wrong with me. I mean, "Why couldn't they see what I was going through or where I was coming from?" "How can they hurt me like this?" In the midst of all those questions came just one answer, 'you should have left it alone then no one would have anything to hold over your head.' I will be honest and say that I lost a lot of opportunities and time trying to be in control. I gained nothing. It only cost me years of pain, heartache and hurt. The enemy is forever looking for something to hold over your head. Do not give in to him. Do not CONFORM and thereby FALL into his trap. Yield to the GENTLE yet WISE Spirit of God and you will remain the victorious woman that you are.

Today's challenge: Embrace every opportunity to exhibit true meekness by yielding to HIM "Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the Earth." (Matt 5:5)

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