• Toyosi Osinowo

Here's to 2 years of Invisibility!

Hi there,

I know this is the first time you are hearing from me in 2018! Whew! I have missed sharing with you through writing as well. Life has been quite busy in the past couple of months but I couldn't let today go by without reaching out to wish everyone one of us a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

YEP! It's been 2 years since we embarked on this journey together. God is MIGHTY faithful. He has opened my eyes and mind to understand the reward in OBEDIENCE. What simply began as an act of trusting Him, in the midst of fear, has now yielded unexpected and unanticipated fruits for God's glory. The woman you see sitting under a tree in the picture below was not as confident as she appeared to be. She was afraid and unsure about a lot of things BUT she MOVED anyway.

A couple of months before I launched I.M., I remember holding my daughter and telling her how I wanted her to be proud of me. Then a still voice asked me how I intended to make that happen. At that point in my life, I was without job, and l had no business or ministry. A couple of months before I had my daughter, I was laid off due to the recession in the Oil and Gas industry. It was a very different and uncomfortable place to be. My definition of myself was very limited. I was simply Mrs. Toyosi Osinowo, the wife of Timothy Osinowo and mother of Shiloh Osinowo. At least, that was all I saw during that time period.

Due to this mindset, I was not utilizing myself. I had so many ideas but I wasn't doing much with them. There was no sacrifice or investment going towards the vision God placed in my hands. The passion I once had, was numbed down by being complacent with the circumstance that l was in.

I'm forever grateful for that faithful day. That encounter ignited me and propelled me into becoming Toyosi Osinowo - A WOMAN OF PURPOSE. I am also grateful for every single one of you. God has used you to drive me into purpose like never before. The testimonies and prayers you share with me motivate me to keep digging deeper and aiming higher in GOD. It is my earnest prayer that as we continue to go on this journey of transparency, the presence of the Lord will become more evident to us and those around us.

My final prayer is that every single person reading this, is also ignited to walk in PURPOSE, TRANSPARENCY and AVAILABILITY as I began 2 years ago. The journey has had its ups and downs, but I have no regrets because I know that I am walking in my calling. Never allow the 'what ifs', 'maybes' or even naysayers to keep you from pursuing what has been assigned to you. Allow me to encourage you with few of the things that l have learnt in the past 2 years of being Invisible:

  1. Whatever God has placed on your heart, do it. Even when you are afraid and it doesn't quite make sense. Just do it!

  2. The road to purpose can be lonely and eye opening. You will lose people along the way but you will also discover more about yourself.

  3. You must believe in your vision enough to sacrifice for it. Christ sacrificed HIS life for the vision He had to free humanity from the wrath of sin. Sacrifice your time, resources, money, and even talent.

  4. You must never lose your passion! No matter how hard or draining the process may be, never lose the fire! Even when you fall and almost give up, remember your why and keep pushing.

I hope this blesses your heart and encourages you to pursue purpose like never before. Know that God is ever faithful to fulfill that which He has promised to do in your life. Don't allow the curve balls of life to quench the fire in you. I am not extraordinary. I am simply an everyday woman who yielded to an OMNIPOTENT God to do His will. You too, can do and be more.

Believe it.

Happy birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to us. :-*


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