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Holding on to His Promises

Hi there and welcome to the month of March. I hope the past two months have been fulfilling and purpose driven for you. For me, it has but not without challenges. It is barely the third month of the year and I have already encountered a couple of mountains. However, I have risen above them through His grace, by learning to hold on to His promises.


It is quite common for one to give up when faced with life issues and thereby allow stumbling blocks to strip us of everything- including the promises God has made to us. I have been guilty of this several times in the past. It was normal for me to focus so much on my issues, rather than the one that is greater than those issues.

God has used my daughter to teach me so many things and holding on to His promises is no exception. Through raising her, I am learning more about what it means to truly let go of my understanding and hold on to Him. She started attending school a couple of months back and I almost lost it. I am sure all my mama bears can relate to this lol. I was dreading the moment I was going to have to let go. My husband would continually laugh at me (he's the tough one, in case you can't tell :-*) and I just kept thinking of everything that could go wrong in my absence. Then one day, while I was quietly talking to God about it, He brought it to my attention that I was letting was appeared to be a mountain before me, keep me from acknowledging His constant presence. I had let my worries consume me so much; I forgot all the promises the Lord personally gave to me regarding Shiloh! His promises over her life were all I needed to hold on to when I felt like I had zero control over the new phase of life she was embarking on. As helpless as I felt, HELP WAS ACTUALLY AVAILABLE TO ME! Once I caught wind of my error, I made up my mind to focus on His promises ALWAYS. I am aware that this won't always come easy, so I constantly stay plugged in and ask for the grace to do so.

Here are a few things that I do to help me stay in constant awareness of the promises of God.

  • I write down several scriptures that emphasize His promises on sticky notes and place them in places I regularly visit in my home. I also write some in my planner, or if time permits, I create a framed art piece of one of the scriptures to place in my home office.

  • I journal past promises God fulfilled and refer to them as needed.

  • Lastly, I embrace the FACT that God cannot lie. He will come through at the appointed time.

I hope you are encouraged by reading this. Know that God is consistent and He can't break His promises to you. Delay is not denial. Trust in Him. Talk to Him. Give it to Him. He is with you.

Below is a link to a short video on my YouTube channel on Holding on to God's Promises. Watch and be blessed.

Blessings and love always,


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