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DIY Personalized Christmas Stockings

Hi there family,

The holiday season has officially kicked into full gear so you know what that means - time to put up the Christmas tree and deck the halls! Every year, I always embrace the Christmas spirit and this year is no different. Despite the fact that we have had a very eventful year (for the lack of better words), I am still feeling festive and most importantly thankful for the Christmas story.

One of the first projects that I tackled this year, was creating personalized stockings for my family. The stockings used in this tutorial were purchased from HomeGoods last year but I did not get to use them since I had my second daughter Noelle in December and I was too heavy to decorate. LOL! Fast forward to 2020, and these babies came in handy!

This tutorial will be one all my die-cute machine owners will love. I have owned a Cricut for years and I looooove using it to create one of a kind projects for my family and loved ones. However, this can still be achieved for folks that do not own a die-cut machine. You can order pre-cut iron-on vinyl labels from Etsy or even cut the vinyl with an Xacto Knife (this however, is a bit dangerous so I will go with option #1 :-)). I hope you enjoy tackling this project with me. Below is the full tutorial:

This project is the first of a few more to come! Please do share your thoughts with me and also do share any ideas or projects that you are currently working on in your homes this Christmas season. I would love to hear from you. Until next time, remember to always keep CHRIST at the center of CHRISTMAS!

Blessings and Love, T.

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